Tito’s plan for a “Macedonian” nation (1944-…)

Meanwhile the other Balkan communistic parties revive their plans of a communistic “Macedonian” state that would allow the access of the communists to the Aegean Sea. Posdt-War Yugoslavia is formed in 1944-1945 by Tito. The problem with Tito’s Yugoslavia was that in the South lived a slavic population that was mainly Bulgarian and could create trouble for Yugoslavia in the future. Also the same population, was disappointed by the Bulgarian soldiers’ behaviour, during World War II. Being a Croat himself, Tito wouldn’t like to retain the name Southern Serbia, or Vardaska Banovina, for that area, because he wanted to limit Serbia’s power in Yugoslavia.

Tito decided that instead of naming those people as Serbs or Bulgarians, it would be best to baptise them as “Macedonians”, since the communists had already begun something like that before 1940. In that way he would achieve the following:

  1. Eliminate any connection with the Bulgarians
  2. Strengthen the unity of Yugoslavia, with the new federal republic
  3. Declare claims, in the future, towards the rest of Macedonia (Greek and Bulgarian), in the name of the liberation” of Macedonia. The potential “Macedonian” state would remain in Yugoslavia, as a federal republic, and so Yugoslavia would finally manage to access the Aegean Sea. The terms “Vardaska Makedonia” (Vardar Macedonia-Yugoslav), “Egeiska Makedonia” (Aegean Macedonia-Greek) and “Pirinska Makedonia” (Pirin Macedonia-Bulgarian), were invented at that time to promote the impression and belief of a partitionned and enslaved “Macedonia”.

To set the basis of the “Macedonian” nation Tito did the following things:

2/8/1944:….With the formation of Yugoslavia he renames the Southern part of Yugoslavia from “Vardaska banovina” (or Southern Serbia) to “People’s Socialist Republic of Macedonia”with the constitutional article:“Until the liberation of Macedonia of Pirin and Aegean our borders will remain for now the same”The name Macedonia was not even accurate since the northern part of that federal republic was not even a part of the historical area of Macedonia.
April 1945:..Tito applies the Federal system in Yugoslavia, and the new governments of the federal states (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia and “Macedonia”) get in their positions on 30/4/1945.

Practically, Tito baptised everything over there as “Macedonia”. With the extensive use of the name “Macedonia” he aimed in the quick sanction of the term “Macedonia” as an official identifier. So by that he creates:

  1. A “Macedonian” government
  2. A “Macedonian” orthodox church, that was not recognized neither by the Patriarchio of Constantinople nor by the Patriarchio of Serbia (despite the fact that the official Yugoslavian state was atheist).More on the Scopjean Church
  3. A “Macedonian” language. Tito hired people to refine the slavic idiom that the residents of the area used, and eliminate any obvious Greek and Bulgarian element in that idiom. He achieved the registration (note that it is registration and not recognition) in the UN of that idiom as “Macedonian” language and the “Macedonian” nation. That is not at all a fictional assumption. It is known that stalinic states implemented that kind of methods to achieve their goals. More on stalinic methods on the language
1947:….In Blend, Tito agrees with Bulgarian Dimitrov to promote the plan for developping a “Macedonian” national conscience. Both Dimitrov and Tito wanted the independant “Macedonia” in order to annex it in the future, each one for himself. Dimitrov allowed Yugoslavian preachers in Pirin that would establish their propaganda of the “Macedonian” nation. In reward, Bulgaria would take the Yugoslavian territories Vrania-Perot.
Jun-1948:….Tito and Stalin break their cooperation and so stalinic Bulgaria cancels the Blend agreement. The Yugoslavian preachers were chased off Bulgaria and Bulgaria recognized that there is no “Macedonian” nation and no slavic (Bulgarian) minority in Greece. The agreement of Blend had met the disapproval of the people in Pirin that declared that they were Bulgarians and not Macedonians.
31/1/1949:..The Greek communistic party (KKE) agrees with the Coniform’s position for the “Macedonian” nation and supports the independant “Macedonian” state that would be under the Soviet, and not Yugoslavian, influence.
1956:KKE recalls its 31/1/1949 position.

Updated 20 January 1999


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