The GPPW Podcast, launched in August 2015, carries our core idea of interesting content produced by young professionals on issues of international politics and global change processes into an audio format.

In our interviews and conversations with activists, authors and politcians we cover a wide range of issues, from oft-forgotten subjects like modern slavery to ongoing events like the foreign policy of Putin’s Russia, new approaches to US public health policy to more structural issues like political leadership and democracy.

We hope you enjoy our ever-growing variety of conversations and topics – and will talk to you again soon!

Catherine Lefèvre talks to author Angus Roxburgh (former Russian Correspondent for the BBC, author of “The Strongman – Vladimir Putin and the Struggle for Russia”) on the current state of affairs in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea.


Moritz Borchardt sits down with Amit Tyagi (Indian political activist and -thinker) for a conversation about political leadership, activism and politics/democracy as such.

Moritz Borchardt interviews Michele Battle-Fisher on the subject of systems theory, public health and her new book.