About Us

GPPW is a not for profit organisation set up to provide a platform for discussion and commentary on global issues for aspiring policy makers. It was co-founded by Catherine Lefèvre, Donika Emini, and Mario Zorro. They are all Public Policy Graduates from the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy who are passionate about researching, debating and writing articles on issues regarding public policy and international relations.

Founders & Directors

  • Catherine Lefèvre: Director & Co-founder
  • Donika Emini: Co-founder
  • Mario Zorro: Co-founder
  • Moritz Borchardt: Director


We take on interns throughout the year with an aim to get them involved with all aspects of GPPW. We normally advertise open positions on the website but also consider speculative applications.

  • Emir Tan: Intern

Previous Interns

  • Giorgi Shengelia: Intern
  • Golnaz A. Jafari: Intern
  • Saurav Raj Pant: Intern

Regular Contributors & Volunteers

  • Musa Aziz: Regular Contributor
  • Abit Hoxha: Regular Contributor
  • Felix Troeltzsch: Regular Contributor


  • Nopenyo Dabla: Administration
  • Elisabeth Leja: Editor
  • Thomas Lee: Social Media Manager