Resources on Politics, International Relations and Global Issues – GPPW’s Recommendations (New Media Edition)

In the light of an ever expanding amount of online resources and -media, we at GPPW thought it might be interesting (and potentially useful) to bring together the various internet-based resources we use ourselves.

For this list, we have skipped written-word sources as they would easily fill their own full-length list.


Long-form Podcasts and Audio Resources

(all of these can be found on and subscribed to via audio platforms like iTunes and Podcast Addict)

NPR Politics Podcast – located at the US National Public Radio, this podcast roundtable takes a look at the previous week in politics. Uploaded Thursdays with special episodes on specific events as needed (~45 mins)

Diane Rehm Show – Long-time broadcaster Diane Rehm asks a panel of experts on domestic US-American and international issues and features call-ins from the audience. Uploaded Fridays in separate domestic and internationally-focussed episodes  (~45 mins each)

John Batchelor Show – Long-time radio host John Batchelor covers a wide range of topics, from ancient chinese history and its effects today to a wide array of political and policy issues and space exploration. Usually features an interviewed expert. Uploaded weekdays (20 or 40 mins per topic)

Six Pack Philosophy – Three philosophically minded people tackle issues ranging from free will and the meaning of life to Marx in modern times and the idea of a Greater Good. Uploaded Mondays (40-60 mins)

Always Already Podcast – A roundtable discussion on critical, political, social theory and philosophy. Usually features the discussion of a specific text followed by interviews with activists, artists and academics whose work resonates with the specific topic of the week. (~40-60 mins)

Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), Oxford University – COMPAS uploads audio from its guest lectures and lectures on its on-going research, a variety of important political- and policy issues and the public debates surrounding them. (~45 mins)

The White House – The White House administration offers a majority of public remarks and speeches made in the White House and by President Obama as first-hand sources.

United Nations Radio – The United Nations offer regular informational broadcasts on the many goings-on and issues debated at the UN and its treaties, including a daily news round-up. Uploaded weekdays (~2-10 mins)

Congressional Dish – Jennifer Briney goes deep into the various bills proposed in the US Congress and dissects them and the likely intentions/machinations behind them. Uploaded Bi-Weekly (~60-80 mins per episode)

Youtube Sources

The Young Turks (TYT) – an online-only news network, TYT offers reports and discussions of the political topics of the day. Uploaded daily in various formats, including two hours of live-stream every day.

Al Jazeera English – The English language channel of AJ offers news segments and in depth discussions in various formats. Uploaded daily.

WatchMojo News – Top 10 aggregator Watch Mojo offers a weekly news segment on political and societal issues around the globe. Uploaded Fridays (~10 mins)

The Great War – This channel follows the course of World War I week by week as it happened exactly 100 years ago. One regular episode per week with additional episodes on special events, individuals and issues like art in WWI as well as Q&A episodes every week (5-10 mins each)

Think Tanks and Public Institutions on Youtube

Adding to the above-mentioned channels and formats, we highly recommend following any or all of the following institutions and channels. They all cover and present a variety of global issues with established experts in formats ranging from bite-sized informational clips and comments to full-length panel discussions, talks and lectures:

Politics & Prose , Chatham House , Yale Courses , Stratfor , Brookings Institution , CSIS , Seeker Daily , Wilson Center , Council of Foreign Relations , Atlantic Council , Carnegie Live

Aware that this list is far from conclusive, we hope that this list provides some interesting or new resources with food for thought on the topics we all deal with and the interests we share.

If you have recommendations of your own, please let us know, we’d be happy to expand the list!


Cover image: Mark Deckers under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 creative commons license

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