GPPWatch: UN Anti Racism Day, March in Glasgow (21.03.2015)

A short film of the anti-racism/fascism demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday the 21st of March 2015, the UN’s anti-Racism day.

There was a huge variety of people and organisations represented at the event, from Novo-Russia supporters to Roma rights campaigners and everything else in between. The general atmosphere was jovial and upbeat with music, speeches and even a drum band keeping spirits high.

Before the march headed off from the city centre, people were talking to each other, exchanging ideas and distributing literature, mostly pro-immigration/migration, anti-racism and anti-islamophobia material, although a number of people were also using the event to promote the communist and socialist parties and many trade unions were also in attendance. However, there was a surprising lack of overtly pro-Scottish independence supporters, although there a few badges here and there.

Thankfully there was no PEGIDA presence at all, at least so far as we could tell, and the event was very peaceful. Despite the very eclectic mix of people and parties, the march felt very unified and purposeful with anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-austerity and pro-socialist chants from the crowd belted out in time with the drum band.

The best chant of the day?

“Unemployment, high-inflation, are not caused by immigration – Bullshit! Come off it! The enemy is profit!”

I don’t know who spends their time coming up with these chants but they’re pretty good at it.

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