Happy 1 Year Anniversary GPPW

October is a special month here at GPPW, we complete our first anniversary after being founded in October 2013. It is amazing to see how much the organization has grown in the past few months and how much has been achieved in one year. GPPW was officially registered as a Think Tank in May 2014 leading to even more visibility and recognition of our work. GPPW has nearly 500 followers between WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. Up until now over 10,000 people have visited the website from all over the world:



Most of our visitors are from the United Kingdom, followed by Germany and the United States. We have visitors from countries as diverse as Panama, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and the Faroe Islands. The graph below shows the development of GPPW from October 2013 until the end of September 2014.



On behalf of the whole GPPW team, we would like to thank our Partners: PDU, the News Hub and Sri Sri University, as well as our followers and visitors for helping this dream come true.

Spread the word about GPPW and keep reading!

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