Official Founding of Global Public Policy Watch Limited

What is now the GPPW started out not so long ago as the brainchild of a couple of friends, recent graduates deciding to pull together and create a platform for aspiring policy makers to share their thoughts. Now, less than a year later, we are more than happy to announce the official foundation of the Global Public Policy Watch Limited as a Think Tank in the United Kingdom on May 27th 2014!

At the time of GPPW’s original launch as a blog in October 2013 by the original founders Catherine Lefèvre, Donika Emini and Mario H. Zorro Cuervo, no one would have thought that we would have moved this far so quickly.

We are very aware that this is really just the beginning and a humble one at that. However, the direction GPPW is taking, the passion we have for the project and the feedback we get for our work is a great cause for reflection on how lucky we have been thus far.

Our range of guest contributors has been steadily expanding and has provided us with a constant stream of new insights and ideas that we can only be grateful for and that are great additions to the output of GPPW’s core team. In spring 2014, one of them, former guest contributor Moritz Borchardt, officially joined the GPPW as a part of the team.

We may never truly be able to foresee what the future is going to be like, for us or GPPW, but there is no way but forwards and so we are looking forward to new cooperations and partnerships, more great authors joining our team as well as expanding our portfolio beyond the written word in the form of podcasts that we are eager to share.

Stay tuned, keep reading!

“We have to create our own opportunities they say, and with GPPW that is exactly what we did and it has proceeded at a speed that no one could have predicted when we started out only seven months ago. It has been a joy and a constant stream of learning for all of us and will continue to be so.” – Catherine Lefèvre, Co-Founder and Director

“GPPW started out as an idea to share what we are passionate about, to raise awareness and to promote what we think is important to talk and think about. It is the result of four eager minds that will continue to develop and has also been an exercise for me, a learning process and one that I am grateful for. I am proud to see GPPW reach this level and I hope that it will continue to grow.” – Mario H. Zorro Cuervo, Co-Founder and Director

“Being the latest addition to GPPW, it has been a great ride, both as an initial observer and fan of the idea and now as part of the team. I am still astonished by the pace we are setting right now, how well we are received by our networks, especially given the fact that we are really just starting out. And what a start it has been… here’s to the future!” – Moritz Borchardt, Director

The core team of GPPW consists additionally of Co-Founder Donika Emini and Editor Alastair Cassell.

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